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Our Partner in Progress

Our vision is to foster growth at every level. Franchisees being our partners in growth play a pivotal role in business development as they are our representative in front of the client. Also our business model revolves around the growth and development of Franchisees in various forms as envisioned by us.

With Agroy's vision and mission, an entrepreneur has a plethora of opportunities to benefit and become a part of the next big thing in the financial world. Needless to mention, our vision and mission speak all about what we are into and what a Franchisee can expect from us.

Philosophy of Franchising

At Agroy, we believe in empowering the Franchisees to provide superior customer satisfaction through efficient and value-added services. Through Franchisee we not only aim to cater to the needs of all the concerned customers situated at every nook and corner but also ensure that they get the same quality of services which they would upon being directly associated with Agroy Finance.

We understand well and believe in catering to the needs and expectations of a broker, sub-broker and clients equally, thereby ensuring growth and welfare of all concerned. This will not only create equilibrium of interests of various entities but also pave way for the congruence of their goals.

Our concept of franchising is based on following values and principles

  • Fully Secured model ensures No threat from Company to franchisee business.
  • No insecurity to Clients with continuity of relationship.
  • Uncapped area-allowing development of business anywhere.
  • Continuous Flow of Innovative Products to expand revenue streams and ensuring increased earning for our associate.

Who can be a Franchisee?

Agroy Finance Franchisee Program has been designed to tap entrepreneurs in India, providing them with an opportunity to grow and benefit by representing our brand and becoming a part of the strongest networks of exciting world of financial services and take these services to every nook and corner of the country.

Since our business model revolves around Franchisees in our expansion plan, we would like to cover a wide spectrum of entrepreneurs from different walks of life. Ideally, following categories of individuals, professionals and business personnel can find the business association in the world of financial services.

  • Existing sub-brokers
  • Finance consultants
  • Insurance agents
  • Financial planners
  • Investment advisors
  • Chartered accountants
  • Distributors of financial products
  • Service providers with an interest in investments and finance
  • Business personnel
  • Young entrepreneurs
But this list is not the end. What counts for becoming our Business Associate are an enterprising zest and zeal and certain eligibility criteria to fulfil as we are particular about selecting our Franchisees; because they contribute to the collective success of the company in achieving its mission of creating the largest chain of Franchisees for providing financial services and not just broking.

What We Offer?

  • Sub-broker registration under Agroy Finance Pvt. Ltd.
  • Product Basket: Equity, Derivative, Commodity etc.
  • All under one roof Services: Broking, Depository services, Wealth management etc.
  • Set-up/start-up guidance
  • Franchisee business plan
  • Corporate advertising and promotion
  • Initial and continuous marketing support
  • Identity and local business development support- Visiting cards, leaflets etc.
  • Attractive revenue sharing plan
  • Connectivity of BSE / NSE / MCX * / Currency
  • Premier and user friendly platform for trading with single screen facility
  • 2 platforms with E-broking trading portals for online clients with interesting features and selling point to attract clients
  • Online Back office support
  • Access to top class research in real-time.
  • Comprehensive product and service training, operational training and regular updates to keep track with developments
  • QCSC Facility to meet your client’s needs
  • Distribution products- mutual funds, IPO & Insurance products through National Tie-ups.
  • Regular market inputs and advices about outlook
  • NRI Services
  • Client wise risk management system
This list is a brief description of the opportunities available to franchisees, irrespective of the category.

Why you should associate with Agroy Finance ?

Infrastructure :

Investment in high-tech data centre with 24 X 7 assured availability of server, highly reliable, low cost and high speed wireless communication technology with zero day installation time will enable speedy deployment of trading facilities.

Technology :

Agroy Finance has implemented innovative and State-of-the-art technology considering the sensitivity of business requirement. The technology has been built to support the highest level of redundancy at the server side and communication network, to ensure smooth transaction flow. Besides, various options are available for online trading –web-based and/or EXE version.

Agroy Finance will ensure the suitable training program for the user-friendly system allowing the Franchisee to get ready for a high business growth. The clients will be serviced by the system and can also access their positions through Internet.

The techno-savvy promoters of Agroy Finance are committed to exploit the technology for the benefit of all the stakeholders and ensure the fastest growth ever experienced by any player in India.

Connectivity :

We offer many options of connectivity with high speed and least drop-outs through Leased Line / Broad Band to suit to your requirement vis-à-vis location and affordability. These are most cost-effective and efficient connectivity modes. Under the broadband connectivity, we offer various plans as per affordability and availability in your area.

Operations :

Agroy Finance Pvt. Ltd. has got digital contract note facility and will provide e-contracts directly to all clients having e-mail id.

Agroy Finance will create Login ID for Franchisee & clients to log in into Back office software to view their financial & other reports, access control for the will be as follows: Franchisee would be able to view all the bills, Contract Notes, Ledgers, open positions, Risk management sheet for all the clients introduced by the Franchisee. Clients would be able to view positions of his/her A/c only.

Agroy Finance has tie-up with leading Banks for collection of pay-in cheques & for distribution of Pay – out cheques.

Agroy Finance Pvt. Ltd. will provide software from where Risk Management & MIS reports can be extracted, so that Franchisee can monitor & control the client’s risk.

Besides, VCPL will also provide initial training to the new franchisees through our Regional Office/Branches. Alternatively the Franchisee may visit H.O. for comprehensive training with prior appointment.

How to Associate ?

Congratulations! You have decided to associate with the progressive business vision of Agroy Finance Your decision is your first and last step. Rest you leave up to our FBD team. Two ways can guide you to proceed further:

Apply online Click here

Write an email to Franchise Business Development Deptt on:
Friday, January 24, 2020    
Asian Paints    1786.10  (10.80)    |    
Axis Bank    737.30  (14.50)    |    
Bajaj Auto    3073.55  (8.95)    |    
Bajaj Fin.    4192.95  (63.05)    |    
Bharti Airtel    524.05  (0.45)    |    
H D F C    2450.90  (24.75)    |    
HCL Technologi...    607.70  (9.40)    |    
HDFC Bank    1244.15  (-0.85)    |    
Hero Motocorp    2468.90  (38.60)    |    
Hind. Unilever    2073.05  (16.55)    |    
ICICI Bank    533.95  (6.25)    |    
IndusInd Bank    1316.00  (-16.15)    |    
Infosys    782.95  (-1.60)    |    
ITC    238.10  (0.20)    |    
Kotak Mah. Ban...    1643.95  (37.70)    |    
Larsen & Toubr...    1359.80  (27.00)    |    
M & M    567.80  (1.25)    |    
Maruti Suzuki    7127.00  (-14.25)    |    
Nestle India    15750.40  (195.75)    |    
NTPC    114.75  (1.15)    |    
O N G C    118.35  (0.60)    |    
Power Grid Cor...    196.95  (-4.30)    |    
Reliance Inds.    1521.70  (-5.30)    |    
St Bk of India    324.05  (0.80)    |    
Sun Pharma.Ind...    447.70  (-2.20)    |    
Tata Steel    483.25  (2.90)    |    
TCS    2184.60  (-8.85)    |    
Tech Mahindra    787.35  (18.50)    |    
Titan Company    1227.05  (22.95)    |    
UltraTech Cem.    4641.05  (111.65)    |